June 16, 2014

June 17, 2014

Qt Releases and Proposals

 Feature Freeze for Qt 5.4 is scheduled for August 8

 Qt 5.3.1 release will be "soon"

Aurélien Gāteau of KDE has proposed adding a new ColumnResizer class to QtWidgets. “Some time ago I created a class to help keeping columns of widgets to the same width across layouts. So if you have two QGroupBoxes on top of each other with form layouts, then you can ensure the label columns of both boxes are the same width."  http://www.marshut.com/iyhith/new-class-for-qtwidgets-columnresizer.html

Qt Contributors Summit
Networking Sessions: http://qt-project.org/groups/qt-contributors-summit-2014/wiki/QtCS14QtNetwork

Qt3D: http://qt-project.org/groups/qt-contributors-summit-2014/wiki/Qt3D

QtWayland: http://qt-project.org/groups/qt-contributors-summit-2014/wiki/QtCS2014_QtWayland

QtPrintSupport: https://qt-project.org/groups/qt-contributors-summit-2014/wiki/QtPrintSupport




Qt In Scientific Research: http://qt-project.org/groups/qt-contributors-summit-2014/wiki/QtCs14QtInScientificResearches

Qt Core: http://www.marshut.com/iykszq/qtcs-qtcore-session.html

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