August 10, 2015

Qt 5.6 feature freeze and branching is scheduled to take place on
August 8, though that may slip depending on whether certain blockers
get fixed in time.

An alpha release is planned for September 8th.

Qt 5.5.1 is scheduled to be released in September. Sometime.

Qt Creator 3.5 RC1 is now available:

Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt of The Qt Company has proposed making the
QtPurchasing module (which has been available in the Commercial
version of Qt for some time) available in the non-commercial Qt
(LGPLv3/GPLv2/Commercial) so that 3rd parties can contribute

He has proposed it be a part of the Qt 5.6 release, though there is
some push-back on that considering the lateness of the submission.

It has been made available for code review at:

Posted by Jon Trulson