September 29, 2014

Qt Beginnings

Releases and Nominations

A Qt 5.4.0 beta is scheduled for release this week.

Lars Knoll is proposing some people as Platform Maintainers, whose job it will be to test and possibly fix errors/issues on a given platform. The current nominees are:

  •    Windows: Friedemann
  •    WinRT: Andrew Knight
  •    OS X: Morten
  •    Linux (X11): Jørgen Lind
  •    Linux (Wayland): Already covered by Andy Nichols
  •    iOS: Tor Arne
  •    Android: Bogdan
  •    Windows CE: Björn Breitmeyer

QNX is yet to be determined, though Bernd Weimer has been suggested as a possibility.

There is debate on whether Andy Nichols should be the Platform Maintainer of the Linux/Wayland stack. Giulio Camuffo is being considered instead.

Qt Endings

Qt Project: qtjsondb is now considered "abandoned".

Posted by Jon Trulson