October 19, 2015

Qt Comings and Goings


Qt 5.5.1 and Qt Creator 3.5.1 have been released.


Marc Mutz of KDAB has proposed a request for comments (RFC) regarding a blog, Proposal for a semi-radical change in Qt APIs taking strings.

 "... I would therefore like to propose to abandon QString for new API (and over time phase it out of existing API), and only provide (const QChar*, size_t) as the most general form. I would propose to package the two into a class, called - you guessed it - QStringView."

Read More: https://www.mail-archive.com/development@qt-project.org/msg22286.html

Would be nice to have…

Viironen Kalle of The Qt Company has proposed adding repositories for new proposed modules related to Automotive IVI. "We’d like to have a bunch of new modules under Qt-project. These are all needed in Qt Automotive Suite so let’s try to get this sorted out quickly to get things rolling nicely."
Proposed Modules:

  * Qt/qtapplicationmanager:  Qt component for application lifecycle management
  * qt/qtdbusqml:  Qt QML DBus integration
  * qt/qtivi:  Qt IVI extensible platform abstraction layer
  * qt/qtgeniviextras:  Qt extras for GENIVI services
  * qt-apps/qmllive: QmlLive - live reloader environment for rapid UI development
  * qt-apps/neptune-ui:  The Neptune Automotive Reference UI
  * qt-apps/neptune-appstore: The Neptune Reference Application Store Server

Proposed Nomination

Allan Jensen has been nominated as maintainer for Qt WebEngine




Posted by Jon Trulson