November 10, 2014

Qt Update

The Qt mailing list traffic has been slow due to the Qt Developer Days 2014 conference held in San Francisco all of last week.

Qt 5.4.0 Branching

Qt 5.4.0 branching will take place Monday November 10. 

This will mean:

  • The ‘5.4’ branch will be temporarily locked on the 10th of November 2014 @ 07:00 CET

  • We will wait for all ongoing integrations to succeed/fail before preparing the branch.

  • After that time, any changes that are required for Qt 5.4.0 will need to be pushed to the '5.4.0' branch. NOTE: No ‘nice to have’s’ in '5.4.0', only real showstoppers to be placed in there!

Posted by Jon Trulson