December 8, 2014

QML Support – Call for Removal

Simon Hausmann, senior software engineer at The Qt Company, has proposed removing the QML bundle support from Qt:

"However, I'm at the point where I don't think the bundle feature adds any value anymore, but it does add cost to the code base in terms of maintenance. You can argue about the actual price, but it is greater than zero :) Meanwhile, nobody has worked on it, the tooling supporting beyond the command line tool is still non-existent and the feature remains undocumented. Therefore, I propose to remove the command line tool, the bundle loading support in the engine as well as the auto-tests from the dev branch."

Judging by the response, it is likely to be removed in a future Qt version.

Qt Snapshots

New Qt 5.4.0 snapshots are available (post RC):


Paul Lemire is now an Approver.

Posted by Jon Trulson