Zion Orent

Zion is a front-end engineer with over 10 years of industry expertise bringing web user interface (UI) designs to life. He has extensive knowledge within a wide-range of industries and brings a wealth of practical real-world experience to every project. Zion earned his BA in Computer Science and French and graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from Yeshiva University.

Blog  •  April 13, 2016  •  By Zion Orent  •  Raspberry Pi  •  IoT, Raspberry Pi, MRAA, Embedded
The Raspberry Pi (1) is one of the more popular low-cost computers on the market. It has an ARM CPU, hardware video acceleration, RAM, SD card mass storage, and almost everything that a regular desktop computer has to offer at a fraction of the size and cost. It also has a set of GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) pins which permit you to connect sensors to it to perform tasks such as measuring the temperature or checking whether plants need to be given more water. MRAA (2) is a library from Intel that simplifies the logic for connecting to different sensor pins. It allows you to...