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Nearing the Finish Line with Project RED’s Low-Cost Ventilator

With this important project nearly complete, we're making final updates to decrease the possibility of use error to improve patient safety.

medical device, UX Design

Do My Eyes Deceive Me? Hardware Impacts Perception of Color

We perceive colors differently from screen to screen. That means testing on target hardware is critical.

UX Design, designing for embedded

It’s Time to Fix Scientific Software

Wider embrace of UX can make it easier for those working in life sciences to more quickly bring new therapies to market.

medical device, UX Design

Developing Safe Medical Devices Means Following These Principles

Medical device safety standards have elevated. Device makers should follow these principles.

medical device

ICS Works with Non-Profits to Develop Low-Cost Ventilators

NEW! We're now working on a second ventilator to fight COVID-19 globally.

Open Source, medical device, Qt

Don’t Touch! COVID-19 Gives Voice and Gesture UIs New Relevance

Medical device makers should explore touchless interfaces more aggressively than ever.

Voice Recognition, gesture interface

Tackling Medical Device Usability Design Early Speeds FDA Approval

Start usability design at the outset, as soon as you can articulate business, user and safety requirements.

UX Design, medical device

Growing Influence of UX is Reshaping Medical Device Development

Medtech manufacturers are increasingly embracing UX design as a way to create safer, more intuitive products.

UX Design, medical device

Beyond the Fitbit: The Changing Landscape of Medical Wearables

The global market for wearable medical and health-related devices is expected to reach nearly $19.5 billion in 2021.


Focus on Usability Can Limit Medical Device Recalls

Usability should be a top priority for medical devices. Yet devices with poor usability still find their way to market.

UX Design, medical device

Transformational Medical Devices Deliver Better Patient Outcomes

ICS is pushing the medical device industry forward with intuitive products that are carefully designed to aid all caregivers.

medical device

A Look at How Consumer Electronics and Medical Device Product Development Teams Differ

Consumer electronics and medical device development teams have different priorities. Match your team to your goal.

medical device, product development