December 2019


Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' December Newsletter

As the final weeks of 2019 approach and the ener­gy of the hol­i­days surges with excite­ment, we’re busy pre­paring for the new year and new decade! In 2019, we set ambi­tious goals to foster inno­va­tion and deliver exceptional qual­i­ty for our customers at every turn. For 2020 we aim to build on our success. Look for exciting new initiatives from ICS in the coming months.

In the meanwhile, dig into this December issue, which includes a live QML webinar and parts 7 and 8 in our Creating QML Controls series; a UX design case study focused on industrial controls; a blog on medical device usability and FDA approval; and an article on gesture technology in the healthcare sector, which appeared in Medical Product Outsourcing.

From everyone at ICS, may the new year bring the very best to you and yours.

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

Live Webinar: How Do I Make That in QML?

December 12, 1 pm EST
We'll focus on writing controls and walk through a set of 17 QML controls made "from scratch." Register Now >>

Case Study: Industrial Controls UI

Discover how Boston UX designed an intuitive user interface for an industrial device on an accelerated schedule and tight budget. Download Now >>

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Spinner

A Spinner indicates progress of a long-running operation when the progress percentage is unknown. Read More >>

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Dialog

Here's how to implement a Dialog that supports an arbitrary number of buttons. Read More >>

Tackling Medical Device Usability Design Early Speeds FDA Approval

Start usability design at the outset, as soon as you can articulate business, user and safety requirements. Read More >>

Don’t Touch: Gesture Tech Is Reshaping How We Interact with Devices

Explore how gesture technology is improving procedures and interactions in the healthcare and medtech space in this article originally published in Medical Product Outsourcing. Read More >>

Highlights from Qt World Summit 2019 in Berlin

Microcontrollers, Digital Twins and Qt 6 were the talk of QtWS 2019. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

Autotech Council User Experience Event — December 6, Santa Clara, CA

ICS' Roland Krause will discuss the changes occurring in automotive UX, and how ICS can provide solutions to improve UX in the latest models. Read More >>

Medical Device Human Factors & Usability Engineering Conference - December 10 & 11, San Diego, CA

Boston UX and ICS are sponsoring this event that highlights the achievements of many medical device firms, providing attendees with thoughtful and practical roadmaps for designing and executing the most efficient and effective usability testing. Read More >>

Qt Meetup — January 22, Waltham, MA

Join us for a Qt Meetup at the ICS headquarters. Read More >>