January 2020


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Peter WinstonWelcome to 2020!

Hard to imagine that it’s 2020 and I still don’t have a flying car (although we have worked on a flying taxi that should change the world). Looking back over the last decade there were a lot of impressive products that came to market, and I am very proud of the part that ICS played. One of the things that I find interesting is how technology changes but many of the challenges remain the same. I’m in the position to see many groundbreaking projects where something was done for the first time. Over the past decade I’ve built up many rules of thumb about how to best staff and manage these projects.

Technologies come and go, but the number of different skills required on a project is growing, and the learning curve for each one is growing. Projects are bigger and more complex than ever. It’s also becoming harder for a new team to get off the ground. Simply hiring staff isn’t the same as building a team that knows how to handle the complexity of a modern project.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about this. We’ve come up with a way to embed much of our expertise and build a modern touchscreen device in record time. Of course we use Qt. What makes our technique so special is that it allows us to build a working prototype in Qt in a few weeks, and deliver a project in half the time it might otherwise take.

If you’re about to start a new project, demo or prototype and are interested in trying innovative ideas based on lessons we've learned from 500+ successful projects, please get in touch. And if you are in the Boston area and would like a preview of our solution, join us at our Qt meetup on Jan 22.

Happy New Year!

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

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