October 2019

October 2019

Free One-Day Training: QML Programming — Fundamentals and Beyond

Whether you are new to QML, or already an expert, our free one-day training course in Sunnyvale, CA, Detroit, MI and Waltham, MA will help you fill in any gaps and get your questions answered. Register Now >

Peter WinstonWelcome to ICS' October Newsletter

This month’s issue is jam-packed with technical content, from our upcoming live webinar on Qt Threads to a detailed piece on ZMQ Request Reply patterns. You can also read parts 6 and 7 in our GPIO Programming series. On the UX front, we’ve included a blog on collaborative design tool Figma. And we’re excited to share two more ICS-authored articles that recently appeared in the trade press, including “Is Raspberry Pi the Right Platform for Embedded Product Development?” in Electronic Design magazine and “Age Well with Smart HealthTech” in Medical Design + Diagnostic Industry magazine. And, as always, you can learn more about our upcoming training courses and events.

Enjoy Fall!

Peter Winston, CEO, ICS

Lockless Producer Consumer Threads: Asynchronous Communications Made Easy

Live Webinar — October 31
You'll learn how to leverage Qt's cross-thread communications systems to marshall data to and from communications threads using QThreads. Register Now >>

Experiment with this GPIO Learning Board

ICS designed a small board for experimenting with GPIO programming. Read More >>

Exploring ZeroMQ's Request Reply Pattern

A look at core ZeroMQ patterns, including request reply. Read More >>

Is Raspberry Pi the Right Platform for Embedded Product Development?

We explore the Raspberry Pi's suitability as a platform for commercial embedded products in this featured article in Electronic Design. Read More >>

A Look at Toradex Colibri SOM with Aster Carrier Board

This popular SoM is suitable for use in commercial products. Read More >>

Figma is Great for Designers and Even Better for Their Clients

Real-time collaborative design tool Figma transforms workflow for creative teams. Read More >>

Age Well with Smart HealthTech

ICS' Stephanie Van Ness discusses challenges that UX designers face when designing smart in-home medical devices for seniors. Read More >>

Upcoming Events

MDG Boston - Design for Usability Forum — October 2, Weston, MA

ICS' Dorothy Shamonsky is joining the discussion on the increasing importance of usability in all stages of medical device product development. Read More >>

The Greenlight Guru True Quality Roadshow — October 3, Irvine, CA

Join ICS and Greenlight Guru in Irvine for learning, networking, drinks and hors d'oeuvres at this event for medical device professionals. Read More >>

Qt World Summit Berlin — November 4 - 6, Berlin, Germany

ICS is sponsoring Qt World Summit in Berlin where leading technology innovators, industry experts, startups and device creators share their insight on the future of cross-platform application development. Read More >>