One Engagement. Many Possibilities. With the rapid adoption of tablets, smartphones and other mobile and touchscreen devices and the behavior associated with how people use these devices, companies are beginning to rethink the way they engage customers.

Integrated Professional Services

ICS professional services and consulting teams have extensive knowledge, deep development experience and understanding of the user experience cultivated over many years of solving a wide range of Qt development challenges. We develop for embedded and mobile devices across a wide range of technologies.

At ICS, our teams take the time to understand your business; we lead conversations and ask the right questions. It’s how we apply our knowledge to your project that makes the difference. When you describe your software needs we understand the ramifications for the software and with the use of Qt, deliver more than what you originally envisioned.

Design, Develop and Deploy Faster

Whether you are developing on embedded or mobile devices, ICS can provide a jump start on your own efforts — allowing you to save time, money and accelerate your product to market.

In addition, ICS provides expert training with an unparalleled set of on-site training and public lab-oriented courses that present the subject matter in an understandable yet intense manner. We are recognized for both the excellence of our instructors and the caliber of our students. ICS is a Qt Certified Partner, and all of our instructors are fully certified Qt trainers. To date we have provided training services to many of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Beautiful and Intelligent Applications by Design

We Know UX. We design with the end-user in mind. We make it easy to blend the art of visual communication and agile engineering across modern touchscreen and mobile devices to provide easy, powerful, intuitive end-user experiences that create value for all of our clients — creating a lasting advantage in the market.

ICS has worked with a diverse set of clients, across many industries, devices and technologies — we know Qt and we know how to put them all together. Simply put us to work — and experience the difference.


Embedded Device Creation

Discover how we help you build a better embedded product.

User Experience Services

We create beautiful and intelligent applications – by design.

Interactive Experiences

We create engaging and inspiring interactive kiosk systems.