Infusion pump safety and innovation

ICS Helps Ivenix Combine Next-Gen Tech with Simplicity in an Adaptive Fluid Delivery SystemUI of fluid release device

One of the biggest challenges in the development of medical device technology is safety. The medical device industry is beset with complex manufacturing, market and regulatory challenges. Specifically, the infusion pump category has been slow to evolve despite an increase of drug dosing complexity and demand for interoperability between pump and other systems, including electronic medical records (EMR), with safety always as a top concern. To solve this challenge Ivenix, a leading innovative medical device company, wanted to deliver an advanced intravenous infusion management system. This system would provide the health care market with a smart infusion pump for efficient clinical use.

Making Smart Even Smarter

To realize the full potential of connected intelligence while developing their new infusion pump, Ivenix needed to build an information system that operates within the device. To enhance safety, the device also needed an intuitive user interface (UI) similar to those found on a smartphone to communicate with a concurrently developed, back-end, healthcare IT infrastructure. The back-end server is intended to house the drug library and clinical dashboard from which to administer multi-pump management. Finally, this management system needed to enable interoperability with other information systems to actively manage patient-specific infusion information even without integration, as well as exchange data with an adaptive fluid-delivery platform to produce the intelligent infusion pumps. 

"We are pleased to have chosen ICS. They went above and beyond during our test-driven development and proved indispensable during integration, also helping with non-Qt related technical issues. The overall productivity and quality of this project was increased with their presence."

George Gray, Chief Technology Officer, VP Software and Information Systems, Ivenix

Improving Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency   

Ivenix chose Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) for its deep experience using Qt/QML within an agile, test-driven production environment. The Qt framework, a cross-platform development tool able to create stable, flexible applications, was selected to increase product usability, system stability and safety while reducing costs and time to market. 

This infusion pump’s design was informed by following rigorous usability testing and regulatory quality assurance processes during its development lifecycle – where safety was at the core of the process. Based on ongoing feedback, ICS adapted and worked well within a development structure method that served to adhere to stringent FDA regulations.

ICS and Ivenix worked together for almost two years within cross-functional agile teams. They worked closely with user experience (UX) designers to develop both rapid prototypes to refine usability and create production quality software for final integration. Qt Modeling Language (QML) accelerated prototype development over other prototype tools previously employed at Ivenix. The mockups used for usability testing ran on actual pump hardware and performed within the hardware and software constraints. Using QML for the UI decreased the time to develop the UX from concept to completion and gave Ivenix confidence that it would work right the first time.

The Standard for Infusion Management 

This transformative infusion management system combines simplicity, state-of-the-art engineering, UX design and information technology within an adaptive, fluid delivery platform. While no medical technology will ever replace an accomplished, qualified clinician, this innovative infusion pump allows straightforward, clear instruction within a precise touchscreen guidance system designed to reduce human error.

ICS seamlessly integrated and delivered both the infusion pump software and its UI into the advanced intravenous infusion management system. This system as a whole will provide the healthcare market with a smart infusion pump, engineered to save overall costs, protect patients with its high safety standards, and provide efficient clinical use. Now, with its modern touchscreen user experience and its scalable computing platform, the pump is currently in the final stages of product design, and will be submitted for FDA review.


"ICS delivered more than we expected and provided the technical expertise saving development time and costs. They delivered a state-of-the-art user interface and solid infusion pump software on time and within budget. I would absolutely recommend ICS to anyone."

George Gray, Chief Technology Officer, VP Software and Information Systems, Ivenix

About Ivenix


Headquartered in Amesbury, Massachusetts, medical-device maker Ivenix is dedicated to eliminating infusion-related patient harm. The company develops advanced intravenous infusion management systems. Its next-gen infusion pump technology incorporates durable, reliable and intuitive interface controls transforming smart infusion pumps to fully integrated intelligent systems for worldwide hospital use.