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Is the Future of UX Design Super Minimal?

Super minimal design is the way of the future for IoT devices, hiding vast complexity behind the simplicity.

UX Design, design leadership, product design

Is Empathy Just a UX Buzzword?

As designers, we're in the service industry. To deliver great service, we need to be great listeners. And that requires empathy.

UX Design

Eliminate Bad Coding Practices: Recognize Anti-Patterns

Common development solutions, anti-patterns generate negative consequences. Here are several you should be familiar with so you can avoid.

Qt, C++, QML

Let's Build a ZeroMQ Library

Here's a walk through of the build process from source code.


Build a High-Performance Messaging Service with Qt and iOS

Here’s a practical guide to implementing ZeroMQ for your messaging server.


Co-Creating? A Little Emotional Intelligence Goes a Long Way

Here's how to gain value and avoid conflicts when co-creating with your stakeholders.

UX, design leadership

6 Reasons Why You Should Co-Create

Including stakeholders in the creative process will pay dividends for your project.

UX, design leadership

Develop Your Qt Expertise with These Targeted Resources

Whether you prefer video, online study or in-person instruction, there's a learning tool right for you.

Qt, Training

How Speech Synthesis is Helping Alexa Grow Up

Want to give Alexa a more conversational tone? Here are some ways you can customize your voice application.

voice app, alexa, chatbot

6 Qt Books to Amp Up Your Knowledge

In today's digital world, sometimes it's nice to unplug. Go old school with a printed volume while expanding your knowledge of Qt.

Qt, Python

The Trick for Moving Clients Beyond Their Fixed Design Ideas

Clients want the best possible outcomes for their projects, but sometimes they get in their own way. Here's how to guide them toward success.

UX, design leadership

Transformational Medical Devices Deliver Better Patient Outcomes

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) is pushing the medical device industry forward with high-performance products that are intuitive, easy to use and carefully designed to aid patients, physicians and critical-care teams, and other caregivers.

medical device

ICS' Contributions to the Intel Developer Zone

Check out these insightful technical articles from ICS engineers.


What You Need to Know About the Raspberry Pi Ecosystem

Here are some of the latest and most noteworthy happenings in the world of Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi

Reduce UX Friction: Start with User Journeys, End with Successful Products

Friction in a digital experience causes customers to turn away from your products. Here's how to avoid that.

UX, design leadership

Your Guide for Deploying Qt Applications to MacOS

Here's what you need to know to deploy a Qt application for macOS, including assigning icons and adding assets.

Qt, macOS

Grabbing the Attention of Siri and Alexa is Tougher Than You Think

Building voice apps is easy. Building great ones, not so much. Here's why.

voice assistant, alexa, siri

Power Qt Development with GammaRay and Other Helpful Tools

To close out our Qt Developer's Bag of Tricks series, we look at a few tools that didn't fit other categories.

Qt, development tools

Keep Your Developers Happy by Pipelining UX with Product Development

A pipelining approach allows you to prioritize UX while still providing your dev team with adequate time to work on system features.

UX, product development, Agile

What's New in Qt 5.10: QRandomGenerator

Generating true random numbers for cryptocurrency, security software and games is surprisingly difficult. QRandomGenerator can help.


Integrated Development Environments Deliver Productivity Gains

Check out these helpful IDE tools suitable for Qt development.

Qt, development tools, IDE

Pipelining UX with Product Development Gets You to Market Quicker

Applying lessons learned from hardware development to speed time-to-market for your next software-dependent product.

UX Design, Software Development, product development

Usability Testing Leads to Stronger Designs and Better Products

Designing a new product? Usability testing helps you address problems early, with the least impact on your budget and schedule.

UX, Usability Testing, product design

Exploring Simulators and Emulators for Embedded Development

In part 7 of our Qt Developer's Bag of Tricks series we look at some popular virtualization products.

Qt, development tools, virtualization

4 UX Design Best Practices to Keep Your Team on Track

Following these best practices will ensure your user experience design and development process is focused and effective. 

UX, design leadership, best practices

What's New in the Qt Ecosystem

From new releases to industry events, here's a look at what's happened in 2017 relevant to the Qt framework.

Qt, Qt Creator

Ruin a Hacker's Day by Securing Your Application Layer

Is your application vulnerable to hackers? Here’s how to limit your exposure.

web, cybersecurity, security

6 Embedded Tools You Should Know

Use these tools to develop for, or communicate with, an embedded system.

Qt, Embedded, development tools