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Here's How to Create QML Controls for Embedded and Mobile Projects

Bare-bones QML controls can serves as a starting point for your next project.


Examining the Cross-Platform libsoc Library

Here's a look at a cross-platform library designed for low-level embedded programming.

embedded systems

Exploring ZeroMQ's Request Reply Pattern

A look at core ZeroMQ patterns, including Request Reply.

Qt, Embedded

A Look at Toradex Colibri SOM with Aster Carrier Board

This popular SoM is suitable for use in commercial products.

Embedded, Qt

Figma is Great for Designers and Even Better for Their Clients

Real-time collaborative design tool Figma transforms workflow for creative teams.

UX Design

Experiment with this GPIO Learning Board

ICS designed a small board for experimenting with GPIO programming.

Raspberry Pi, embedded systems

Finding Data Patterns Using Regular Expressions in Qt

End-users can be empowered to quickly filter a large data set according to a few simple rules.


How to Control GPIO Hardware from C or C++

Under a standard Linux-based system you can do soft real-time programming, such as reading buttons and driving LEDs.

C++, Linux

Embracing Internationalization in Software Applications

Can your software application be easily adapted for use in a variety of languages and locales?


Control Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins from Python

Here's how to control Raspberry Pi GPIO pins from Python using Rpi.GPIO and Gpiozero.

Embedded, Python

IoT, Ethics and Natural Interactions Transforming UX Design

A world saturated with computer-enabled things badly needs good UX design. 


GPIO Programming: Using the sysfs Interface

Here's a look at basic GPIO control using the sysfs interface provided by the Linux kernel.

embedded systems

Explore Hardware Capabilities of Raspberry Pi's GPIO Interface

In Part 2 of our series, we look at the hardware capabilities of the Raspberry Pi's GPIO interface.

Raspberry Pi, embedded systems

An Introduction to GPIO Programming

Here's what you need to know to get started with GIPO, a key component of many embedded systems.

embedded systems, Qt

Why Do Software Projects Fail?

A follow-up to our webinar on lessons learned from 500+ successful development projects.

Software Development, UX Design

Use Your Words: Voice Tech Enriches Board Games

Voice technology is changing the way people play games.

gamification, Voice Recognition, alexa

Avoid Pitfalls When Developing a Qt Model-View-Delegate Project

Feel the power of the framework with this app that downloads mp3 files from the web.

Qt, QML, Qt Quick

Exploring Model-View Design With Qt Quick

Qt’s model-view-delegate framework is an excellent solution for displaying dynamic data.

Qt, QML, Qt Quick

UX Writing Skills Now Vital for Designers

Employers today expect UX designers to bring multiple skills to their roles, including copywriting.

UX Design, UX design team

Tips for Creating Voice User Interfaces

Our Introduction to Voice Design webinar brought up some interesting questions. Here are the answers.

UX Design, voice assistant

Growing Influence of UX is Reshaping Medical Device Development

Medtech manufacturers are increasingly embracing UX design as a way to create safer, more intuitive products.

UX Design, medical device

An Introduction to the Qt Installer Framework

As the first interaction a user will have with your desktop application, the installer should be welcoming. Is yours?


From Pilots to Passengers: The UX of Self-Driving Cars

ICS is working toward our inevitable self-driving future.

automotive IVI

4 Tips to Make Yocto Easier to Use

Surefire tips to make Yocto less intimidating for newbies and seasoned users alike.


What Is a Qt Creator Wizard?

Here's a look at Qt Creator wizards, including helpful tips for preparing to write them.


A Look at Handling CBOR Data in Qt 5.12

With Qt support you don't have to write your own CBOR data encoders and decoders.


Powerful Voice Integration for Connected-Car Solutions

Voice has always been recognized as an ideal way for a driver to interact with an auto because it reduces driver distraction.

Qt, voice assistant, automotive IVI

Beyond the Fitbit: The Changing Landscape of Medical Wearables

The global market for wearable medical and health-related devices is expected to reach nearly $19.5 billion in 2021.