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Explore Memory and Resource Leak Detection Tools

Do memory and resource leaks keep you up at night? Here are helpful tools for finding pesky leaks.

Qt, development tools, leaks

In UX Design, Quality Hinges on Effective Micro-Decision Making

Do you have stellar designs that don’t translate into stellar implementations? Here’s the remedy.


UX, design leadership

A Look at Static Analysis Tools

Static analysis is increasingly used to develop safety-critical software, such as medical, nuclear and aviation systems. 

Qt, development tools, static analysis

Qt World Summit 2017 Wrap Up

The Qt community continues to grow, as does the number of commercially available products built with Qt.

Qt, Qt World Summit, UX Design

What's New in Qt 5.10?

The WebGL Streaming Plugin in Qt 5.10 is a new Qt back end that uses WebGL for rendering. 

Qt, WebGL plugin, 3D rendering

Mixed Reality is Transforming the Online Shopping Experience

In the near future, 2D websites will transform into vivid 3D experiences — turning online shopping into a whole new ballgame.

VR, online shopping

A Look at Tracing Tools

Tracing can be an effective debugging technique that doesn't require as much effort as using a debugger. 

Qt, development tools

Want Your UX Design Project to Succeed? Include Stakeholders in the Process

Despite tight budgets and short deadlines, taking time to sketch helps stakeholders make informed decisions.


UX, design leadership

Investing in UX Design Can Drive the Success of Your Next Project

 A commitment to UX design from the outset can be the difference between a project’s success or failure.

ROI of UX Design, UX, UX Design

Building an IoT Device? Address Security from the Start

Better protect your customers and gain a competitive advantage by focusing on security early in the development process.

IoT, cybersecurity, connected device

Performance Profiling Tools

Continuing our series on useful development tools, this time looking at applications for performance profiling.

Qt, profiling development tools

Are Your IoT Devices Putting Your Business or Your Customers at Risk?

Connected devices are mainstream and omnipresent. Still, they're risky. See just how risky.

IoT, Embedded, cybersecurity

How to Choose Between Realities for the Best Immersive Experience

Looking to create an interactive game? Here's an overview of VR, AR and large-format touchscreen experiences.  

AR, VR, touchscreen

Indispensable Debugging Tools

In this ongoing series, we'll share some of the of tools our team finds indispensable for development, testing and debugging.

Qt, debugger, development tools

How Attractive User Experiences Deliver Unexpected Payoffs

Humans are driven by what they find attractive. That’s why product development teams should prioritize appealing UX.




Raspberry Pi News Roundup

Stay up-to-date on developments relevant to the Raspberry Pi community.

Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Zero W, Qt

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Implementing a ScrollBar

In this installment you'll learn how to create a ScrollBar, which differs significantly from the other controls we've highlighted.

QML, Qt, controls

In the Age of the Bot, Are Humans Obsolete?

More customer interactions are taking place with bots instead of people. Here's a look at the tech that makes this possible.

API, chatbot

ICS Recommends Qt Commercial Licensing

While open source may appear to be more cost-effective, that may not be the case. Here’s why fee beats free.


Qt, licensing

Text to Speech: A Look at the Qt Speech Module

Have a situation where a person can't use a touchscreen, mouse or keyboard but needs to communicate? Try the Qt Speech module. 

Qt, Speech Recognition

How the IoT and a Focus on UX are Leading a Medical Device Revolution

To be transformational, IoT medical and health-centric devices must deliver an intuitive and compelling user experience.

IoT, medical device, UX

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Slider

In part 4 of our series, we walk you through implementation of a slider. Take a look.

QML, Qt, controls

UX Designers Can Save Your App by Identifying Usability Problems Before You Hit the Market

Ensure your app is blooper-free by applying the principles of heuristics.

UX, Usability

Designer/Developer Dissonance: How to Create Harmony for Your Next Project

Designers and developers approach the same problems from different vantage points. For a successful collaboration, adhere to these 3 guidelines.

UX Design, UX design team

The Difference Between Connected Devices that Simply Look Cool and Those that Truly Improve Your Life Lies in the User Experience

To truly help people, connected devices — including medical devices — must deliver a well-designed user experience.

UX Design, IoT, medical device

Configuring Qt Creator for Yocto Development

We're often asked in our training classes how to set up the Qt Creator IDE for embedded development using the Yocto framework. Here's a tutorial.

Qt, Qt Creator, Yocto

A Look at How Consumer Electronics and Medical Device Product Development Teams Differ

Consumer electronics and medical device development teams have different priorities. Match your team to your goal.

medical device, product development