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A Look at the QtQuick Timeline Module

Helpful examples for testing the QtQuick Timeline module recently added to Qt5.14.


Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Tabs

Tabs are used to expand limited screen real estate.


Embedded Software Design More Challenging than Web and Mobile

Overreliance on templates can be a trap in the realm of embedded software design.

UX Design, designing for embedded

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: PageDots

Here's how to indicate what "page" is currently shown.


Downloading Large Files for iOS No Longer a Nightmare

Large files can be frustrating to download. Here's a solution to ease the pain.

C++, Qt, QML run-time

Need Physicians to Test Your Medical Device? Here's How to Recruit Them

It's best practice for appropriate professionals to try out your product before it hits the market. 

Usability Testing, medical device

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Dialog

Here's how to implement a Dialog that supports an arbitrary number of buttons.


Highlights from Qt World Summit 2019 in Berlin

Microcontrollers, Digital Twins and Qt 6 were the talk of QtWS 2019.

Qt, Embedded

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: Spinner

A Spinner indicates progress of a long-running operation when the progress percentage is unknown.


Tackling Medical Device Usability Design Early Speeds FDA Approval

Start usability design at the outset, as soon as you can articulate business, user and safety requirements.

UX Design, medical device

Creating QML Controls From Scratch: ProgressBar

Use a ProgressBar to indicate progress of a long-running operation, from zero to 100%.


Embedded Software Development is Hard. Avoid These Mistakes

Qt developers making the transition from desktop or mobile to embedded have a host of challenges to overcome.

Qt, Embedded

Here's How to Create QML Controls for Embedded and Mobile Projects

Bare-bones QML controls can serves as a starting point for your next project.


Examining the Cross-Platform libsoc Library

Here's a look at a cross-platform library designed for low-level embedded programming.

embedded systems

Exploring ZeroMQ's Request Reply Pattern

A look at core ZeroMQ patterns, including Request Reply.

Qt, Embedded

A Look at Toradex Colibri SOM with Aster Carrier Board

This popular SoM is suitable for use in commercial products.

Embedded, Qt

Figma is Great for Designers and Even Better for Their Clients

Real-time collaborative design tool Figma transforms workflow for creative teams.

UX Design

Experiment with this GPIO Learning Board

ICS designed a small board for experimenting with GPIO programming.

Raspberry Pi, embedded systems

Finding Data Patterns Using Regular Expressions in Qt

End-users can be empowered to quickly filter a large data set according to a few simple rules.


How to Control GPIO Hardware from C or C++

Under a standard Linux-based system you can do soft real-time programming, such as reading buttons and driving LEDs.

C++, Linux

Embracing Internationalization in Software Applications

Can your software application be easily adapted for use in a variety of languages and locales?


Control Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins from Python

Here's how to control Raspberry Pi GPIO pins from Python using Rpi.GPIO and Gpiozero.

Embedded, Python

IoT, Ethics and Natural Interactions Transforming UX Design

A world saturated with computer-enabled things badly needs good UX design. 


GPIO Programming: Using the sysfs Interface

Here's a look at basic GPIO control using the sysfs interface provided by the Linux kernel.

embedded systems

Explore Hardware Capabilities of Raspberry Pi's GPIO Interface

In Part 2 of our series, we look at the hardware capabilities of the Raspberry Pi's GPIO interface.

Raspberry Pi, embedded systems

An Introduction to GPIO Programming

Here's what you need to know to get started with GIPO, a key component of many embedded systems.

embedded systems, Qt

Why Do Software Projects Fail?

A follow-up to our webinar on lessons learned from 500+ successful development projects.

Software Development, UX Design