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How to Display Dates Using QDate

Writing an application with Qt? Here's an easy way to represent dates.


A Recipe for a Tasty Interactive Game

We built a cool interactive trade show game. Here's how we did it.

interactive games

Exploring Ethics in UX Design

What can designers learn about ethics from the field of architecture?


Are You Investing in UX? Here’s Why You Should

It makes financial sense to champion UX design in your product development efforts.

UX Design, product development

Focus on Usability Can Limit Medical Device Recalls

Usability should be a top priority for medical devices. Yet devices with poor usability still find their way to market.

UX Design, Usability

Tune Up Your C++ Knowledge with These Tips

Modern C++ leads to code that's easier to understand, easier to maintain and better performing.

C++, Qt

Do You Need a UX Strategy?

To reap the benefits of UX design, including increased ROI, enhanced productivity and reduced development risk, you need a cogent strategy.

ROI of UX Design, UX

How Healthy is the Qt Ecosystem?

Here's a look at the Qt ecosystem and some of the significant events and milestones from 2018.


5 Rules for Creating Crowd-Pleasing Interactive Games

Here's how to turn fun game-play into a messenger for your brand.

gamification, web

Style Meets Technology in the World of Wearables

The market for wearable tech is booming and users are looking for devices both helpful and easy to use. UX designers must rise to the challenge.

UX Design, Innovation

Qt Has a Solution for All Your Timing Needs

Here's a look at some of the other timer classes provided by Qt that may be unfamiliar if you've only used a simple QTimer.


Why Has the IoT Gone Button Crazy?

Creating natural and frictionless interactive experiences may mean limiting button use.

UX Design, natural user interface (NUI)

Qt World Summit Boston 2018 Was a Huge Success

Last week's sold-out Qt World Summit in Boston brought together developers from coast to coast to explore product development using Qt.


Move Slow and Fix Things: Lessons Learned from Facebook Missteps

Want to design a better, more successful product? Learn from Facebook's mistakes.

UX Design

A Look at QUiLoader and QFormBuilder

Developing widget-based apps? You can generate user interfaces dynamically with Qt Designer UI files.


Determining the Optimal Touch Target Size is a 3D Problem

Creating a natural user interface requires a good understanding of how hands actually interact with screens.

UX Design

Code Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Development

Things sure have changed for web developers. Here's a look at how their jobs have grown increasingly complex since Y2K.


QCompleter Makes Your Apps More User Friendly

QCompleter provides completions for user entry based on an item model, and is supported by QLineEdit and QComboBox widgets.


UX Design for IoT is a New Frontier

Designing for embedded devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) is challenging because unlike with web and desktop, there are few common design aspects shared across devices.


We Ported a Qt App from C++ to Python. Here's What Happened.

Can Python and PyQt be used effectively to develop large, complex (typically desktop) applications? Find out.

Qt, Python

Robots are Not Designers (and Vice Versa)

Can a robot do a designer's job? Should it?

UX Design

Building Cross-Platform Software is Easy

Sure, it used to be impossible. But these days, you can build your app before deciding which platforms to deploy it to.


What’s a Natural User Interface and Why Should I Care?

If you use NUI principles to design a touch interface you'll get better results than if you default to GUI principles.

UX Design, natural user interface (NUI), Graphical User Interface (GUI)

A Look at Input Masks and Validators in the QML Environment

Your QML-based applications can follow UX design best practices using these features.


Learning Design from a 4-Year-Old

Why are fire trucks red? Why not green? As a designer, you must always keep an open mind.

UX Design

Does Minimalist UX Design Require Maximal Design Effort?

New technologies and cutting-edge IoT products require substantial design effort — even for the simplest-appearing designs.

UX Design, design leadership

Qt Support for Input Masks and Validators

In the two-part Qt Basics, we'll look at Qt's support for input masks and validators. Today we explore support from widgets. In a future installment we'll look at how these features are supported from QML.

Widgets, Qt

How to Control Your Game with a Raspberry Pi

We built a cool large-format Plinko-style game for use at a trade show. Here's how we did it.

Raspberry Pi, gamification